Introduction to Velocity Training Academy

Velocity Training Academy is a non-profit making out of school organisation, providing students from a wide range of backgrounds the support they need to integrate back into a mainstream school or full time employment. Whilst we do focus on key educational needs such a Maths and English our focus is on engagement and development of the student, our aim is to help students back into mainstream school giving them the key skills to help them be successful in a school environment, or to create a clear pathway to allow them to gain full time employment after leaving Velocity Training Academy.

We identify the student’s goals and plans after leaving school and bespoke our educational offering around the student’s employability aspirations. We provide training and education opportunities to a wide range of students, in particular those who would benefit from a flexible and personalised curriculum and those who learn by“ doing”.

As an Alternative Education Centre our social and community purpose is central to what we do, any profits are reinvested to sustain and help us to further our mission to bring about a positive change for individuals and improvement to the wider community.

The Director of Velocity Training Academy established the business to provide educational opportunities that promote social inclusion and positive outcomes for our students. Nicki has extensive experience in working creatively with both young people and the adult community, establishing opportunities for personal development, delivering, and facilitating learning, both informally and through accreditation and leading the way in effective management with solution focused outcomes. Our staff have come from a military background with over 35 years’ experience between them, their roles during their service included teaching new recruits from all walks of life to become not only better people but also to become trained soldiers. They achieved this by not only understanding young people but by being flexible in their approach to teaching. All our staff have qualifications in Mental Health First Aid and some have level 2 Understanding children and young peoples Mental Health along with various other qualifications to help them best understand and get the best out of the students that attend Velocity Academy.

Velocity Training Academy prides itself on offering as many exciting and valuable opportunities for our students to develop their skills and knowledge that are often required for them to be successful in their work and future lives. We promote flexibility within the curriculum and share an understanding that many students achieve great things by being involved in their learning and by having the opportunity of learning by doing.

This is achieved through offering a flexible learning programme with a strong focus on personal and academic achievement that meets the needs, interests, and aspirations of the students. At every opportunity we seek to ensure that all students receive accreditation for their efforts through the delivery of approved qualifications and we will support individual’s success through employing a wide range of teaching strategies that engage an enquiring mind and provide opportunities of kinaesthetic learning wherever possible — “learning by doing”.

We aim to ensure that each student receives a quality education, inclusive support, and appropriate guidance, through providing an environment in which they can learn appropriately. We have several local businesses that support us by offering our students apprentiships when they leave Velocity Training Academy.